Sea Temp. Map

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Sea and ocean temperature  imagery south florida

Sea and ocean temperature imagery south florida

How to use this information:
-These Ocean temperature maps can give you the advantage as an Angler (if you know how to use them). These maps can be used to help locate weed lines, current breaks and bait fish. The idea is to find strong temperature gradients which are shown as aggressive color changes on the maps. Where these different temperature waters converge there will often be a strong upwelling which can bring colder nutrient rich water to the surface. This nutrient rich water can attract bait fish which then attracts bigger fish. These temperature gradients can also trap large clumps of Sargasso weed forming a weed line. These weed lines can be very attractive for pelagic fish such as Mahi Mahi, Tuna, Wahoo and Sailfish.
- One word of advise when trying to locate these temperature breaks is to keep a constant eye on your on board Sea Temperature Gauge. You will often see changes of 1-5 degrees as you near the converging currents. If you see a rapid change of more than 2 degrees its time to drop the lines and work that area in a S pattern along the temperature break line. These lines will often be visible by water color changes, floating debris, water texture, or strong eddy’s.



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